DOLPHIN - Company Intranet/Extranet - all information in one place


Our document management solution is based on modern portal design and provides the following functions:

* Ensures the easy retrieval of documents via the Lucene search engine which is even able to search and find documents within PDF files.

* Expedious arrangement and organization through categorization and indexing.

* Ensures the long-term readability of documents by means of automatic conversion into the future-proof file format PDF.

* Administration of operating stages (versions)

* Registration of all manipulations involving the documents as well as the forwarding of documents

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* Reading-writing synchronization within the team when the documents are generated (checking in and out of documents)

* Simplifies the generation of documents by means of template administration

* Secures the access authorization concept (information safety and data protection)

* Test-workflow, release-workflow, distribution workflow, archiving workflow.

* Averts preventable storage location expenses that are often associated with the multiple storage of documents (on e-mail servers, project, department and user drives).

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DOLPHIN streamlines and secures your document and information management and automates timely workflows.

About us

We are a team of IT-Specialists (ITIL) with longstanding experience in the financial industry.

Our developer team consists of java developers, web designers and database specialists.

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