Streamline your back office accouting

Octopus covers your workflow from A to Z - from trade entering to reporting and risk management. The user-friendly and flexible portal interface can be adjusted to suit front-, middle- and/or back office as well as individually for each user. It also works in connection / combination with already existing other front-end applications.


   Fast and easy way to capture multiple trades with the trade blotter tool, including export and email function

With our unique trade blotter tool this system offers a fast and easy way for fund managers to capture their trades. And if you really love your excel sheets you can even keep them. Copy & paste from an excel spreadsheet is possible and allows entering multiple trades at once. Alternatively you can also directly import your trades from incoming broker statements. Whichever way you chose - eliminating manual input will save you lots of time and help eliminate errors. And upon closing the blotter you’ll also have the option to either print, export or email it to other recipients.

   Pre- und post-trade compliance

Our integrated Pre-Trade compliance function will check your trades before booking them and alert you to any violation. The set of criteria can be customized and tailored to your specific needs.


   NAVs are available in real-time or for any date in the past

Fund NAVs are available in real-time or calculated as part of your end of day routine at a specified time every day or for any date in the past. The option to close out your P&L positions with the click of one button allows for ad-hoc calculations on fund-, portfolio and/or folder level.


   Interfaces for all mayor price feed providers

Fund NAVs and performance numbers are calculated based on a price feed (Bloomberg® , X-Trader®, FACTSET®).


   Complex fund and ownership structure handling

Designating new funds is easy and a hierarchical structure offers utmost flexibility to match your needs in structure, portfolio and instrument set up and is even suitable for fund of fund structures.


   Pre-configured portfolio and trading analysis

A portfolio or trading analysis for your ratio management can be pre-configured and can run automatically in intervals. It offers the unique advantage of being – unlike excel spreadsheets - accessible to all users at the same time and always up to date.


   Fee management tool

A pre-configurable fee management tool for all kinds of instruments, exchange rates and stock exchanges simplifies post-processing of your transactions.


Reconcile your positions against as many couterparties as you want or across funds. Reconciliations can be run multiple times a day, importing third party data from FTP or email as well as encrypted data and comparing them with your positions, showing the results in form of an easy to read report and saving them in your report history.

   Maximum of flexibility:  Adjustable to the format your fund administrator, prime broker or other third parties are using

   Reconciliations can be run multiple times a day

   Import of third party data via FTP or email as well as encrypted data

    Results are shown in form of an easy to read report and saved in your report history



Quickly report on performance and boost investor confidence with precise financial statements without spending lots of time on it. Run investor reports with just one mouse click. As often as you wish. Design your own reports - there's virtually no limit to your creativity. Even individual reports for each investor can be generated and sent out automatically via email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Our reporting tool allows for setting up any number of funds with all necessary details: Legal structure, management and performance fees, share class and calculation methods. Rules and regulations for the calculations of your Value at Risk or NAV can be individually adjusted for each fund.

Cash management offers investor subscriptions and redemptions for flexible accounting periods as well as FX hedges per investor and manual cash adjustments relating to the NAV, the exchange rate or the FX hedges.

   Consolidated portfolio or entity-specific reporting with a mouse click - whenever you want

   Individualized reports according to your specifications and design

   Report generation, batching and scheduling


Our Dashboard Function allows you to:

   Show asset allocations

   Track performance

   Compare performance to industry benchmarks

   Show P&L attribution via tags and lots more directly on your start page


Did we forget something? Not a problem, tell us what you are missing and we'll add it for you.



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We are a team of IT-Specialists (ITIL) with longstanding experience in the financial industry.

Our developer team consists of java developers, web designers and database specialists.

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